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“Motion Tattoos” Literally Move and Everyone Is Going to Want One In 2023

The eye is actually winking at you!

If you love tattoos, you may find yourself looking for a new tattoo design or style often. 

This man shared how the next best things are motion tattoos. 

TikToker @justinkd_tatts is on his journey to have a full tattoo bodysuit, but when he's not doing that he's sharing cool tattoos. In this video, he talked about how motion tattoos will blow your mind.

"I guarantee that it will be one of the most unique and coolest tattoos you will ever see," he said. We watched as a tattoo artist tattooed an eye onto someone's arm that started moving and blinking once the grid was on top of it.  

"But when you run that grid across it, all of a sudden this tattoo that is stationary in your skin comes to life and starts doing animations that you thought a tattoo would never be able to do," he said. 

That's very true, tattoos are one dimensional, but with this grid, it takes the designs to another level. 

@Justinkd_tatts said that the only con about these types of tattoos is that you will need to carry that grid around with you all the time. "If not, you just have a regular tattoo, which is still kind of cool and different," he said. 

He said that with the grid, you can actually shock people. Many commenters had mixed reviews and questions about these types of tattoos. 

"My mind was in fact not blown 😐," one person said. Other people asked, "Do they give u a grid?" and "Do they have it in the size of a business card to keep in your wallet?"

These are all good questions to ask and unfortunately, this tattoo may not be for everyone, but it definitely is cool to see.