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Piercer Reveals Easy Hack to Heal Piercings More Efficiently

These are great for first timers.

You ever have that itch to get a piercing, but are unsure of the placement or if it's the right fit for your body? Well this piercer made it super easy to know how to go into a piercing parlor and walk away with a piercing. 

"First things first, you always want to make sure you pick multiple piercings," body piercer @dawnjeanelle said. "Because you have no idea what your anatomy is going to suit and I'd hate for you to go in asking for one piercing and having that only piercing in mind and being super excited about it and your piercer saying you don't have the anatomy for it."

Dawn said getting the forward helix is a great piercing that is easy to heal, not in a high traffic zone a part of the ear to get snagged, and has so many jewelry options. 

"Now pro advice, only get one at a time," she said. "You start getting two or three at a time, it's going to be a disaster."

Dawn's second recommendation for an easy to heal piercing is the anti tragus piercing. 

"Look how unique that is, not many people are coming in asking for these," she said. "They're just not super popular like lobes or helix piercings."

She said that these are a little different, definitely anatomy dependent, and can take a long time to heal. "You have to baby it a little bit, but come one, cute," Dawn said.

The anti tragus piercings is one that you have to make sure you don't sleep on and keep clean.

She also shared that winter is the best time to get a piercing. "You cannot swim with them," she said. "No hot tubs, no swimming pools, lakes, so get it in the winter time. It will be healed by summer and you can swim."

Several commenters shared their experience with piercings and their healing process.

"I wish they told me I didn't have the anatomy for an industrial before they just did it anyway..." one person said. Another person said, "If you wear glasses forward helix sucks. Mine was rejected. So sad."

Dawn may have been onto something when she said to ask your piercer to recommend piercings to you based on your anatomy. That could help you out a lot.