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Woman’s Gauges Were So Stuck In Her Ears for Years, She Needed Pliers to Remove Them

That smell!

Piercings and tattoos differ in a lot of aspects. While you can pretty much get anything tattooed on your body, you also can - but maybe shouldn't - pierce every inch of your body. Tattoos are also more painful than most piercings, and where tattoos take longer to get done the healing process is usually shorter than of piercings. 

However, if you like the look of stretched ears, you also know that this is a long and painful process. Not to mention, sometimes messy and smelly due to built-up around the ears. TikTok account @ultimatebykomi shares in their video what needs to be done if you can't remove your gauges yourself. 

It looks a little painful, especially since the pliers are quite big. 

Apparently, this client was unable to take her gauges out for two years. Which means, she was unable to really clean them. 

They were screwed so tight, she had to get them professionally removed with pliers, which after 20 minutes or so finally took place. 

I could only imagine the smell, as I used to have my ears stretched. And oh my that was intense. I would never do this again, but to each their own. 

TikTok also thought this was one of these cringe-worthy moments, as TikToker @bdsalerno commented,

"That’s why these types of tunnels should be avoided. I had a pair get stuck one time. Not fun."


Another one (@deathsoldier666) wrote, 

"That's why you change ur plugs regularly."

Agreed and also very important! It's also crucial to use high quality jewelry. 

And TikToker @g3ckodad said,

"Alright now this is why we don’t wear externally threaded plugs/tunnels lol."

Let this be a lesson to all who want to stretch their ears.