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Tattoo Artist Creates Cute Tattoo Designs for Everyone Who Is Dyslexic

So powerful and relatable...

People with tattoos oftentimes express their emotions, memories, and loyalty through their body art. This also applies to their mental health and their struggles. Whether that's suffering from mental health disorders, such as borderline personality disorder, or anxiety, it is a constant battle. 

Tattoo artist Taylor Penton created some cute designs for people, who are dyslexic, and the designs hit home. If you know - you know. Let's check it out!

These are so cute and on point!

As you can see in the video, the first design is a skull with a spaghetti brain that reads,

"Twist my words."

If you're dyslexic - you'd know that this is accurate.

The second design is a book representing the devil, as words often get twisted. 

The third design is some flowers with a caption that reads,

"Wrong my writes."

Coming at #4 is a palm tree and words that read,

"Not broke - just bent."

Then a skull with a banner that reads "That Kinda Sucks" wrapped around his head, and lastly, letter cubes spelling the word "Nice" wrong.

Anyone with dyslexia will read the word "nice" correctly, though. 

Personally, I'd get the first one, the second to last, as well as the last one. 

TattooTok was at aw as well, looking at the comments.

As TikToker @kylemakesshortfilms commented

"Fellow dyslexic - what’s good."

Did you know that dyslexia is actually more common than most people would think? According to LD Online,

"As many as 43.5 million Americans may have dyslexia." 

That's a big number!

And TikToker @novasgarden01 wrote,

"Not me reading the nice one correctly."


Another person (@danileverett) wrote,

"Oh, I need one of these."

Me too. These designs are all pretty cute, and so relatable.