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Watch as This Guy Gets Two Daith Piercings In One Go

Looks painful but so cool!

Getting pierced might be a quick procedure but certain areas of the body hurt more than others, such as getting a piercing in any cartilage of your ear.

A piercer at the piercing studio @Malaya Piercing shares a video of their client, who didn't just want one piercing - but two in one go. And this one is a bit of a complex one, to begin with. Let's find out which one!

This looks like it hurts! I remember when I got my industrial pierced, that was painful. I also got two tattoos right after, which wasn't the best idea. 

As you can see in the video, the area is carefully marked with a professional tool. And first, a smaller piece of jewelry is inserted and then a larger one, so when they're aligned, it almost looks trippy. 

Looking at the comments section, TikTok was stunned as well. Stunned by the courage of the client, and by the technique of the piercer. As a double daith piercing is rather uncommon, for multiple reasons.

One person with the TikTok handle @sooziethefoodie posted,


Indeed! It hurts me just by looking at it.

Another person with the screen name @beetlebrain_  wrote,

"Healing one daith has been like going to war. I can’t imagine two at once."

Me neither. I can't even imagine having one daith piercing. I literally just got my second set of earlobes pierced and that's how far I'm gonna go with piercings in my ear. 

And TikToker @rebeccamacleodd commented,

"Nah I almost passed out, getting my daith when all my other piercings were like a pinch. I would die."

I must certainly agree. I almost passed out getting my nipples pierced, although not a cartilage piercing - it was painful.

TikToker @jennycatmeleon said,

"Beautiful, but enjoy that rough healing."

Oh yes, cartilage piercings can take a while to fully heal. But it looks cool, for sure! In the meantime, this specific pillow for piercings can be used, to make the healing phase less uncomfortable, especially while sleeping.

Would you dare get a daith piercing?