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This Artist Shows the Difference Between Flash Designs and the Actual Tattoo and the Results Are Identical

Pretty cool transformation.

It's obvious that certain tattoo designs will look a bit different on the skin than on paper. However, a lot of times, tattoo artists are able to turn a sketch into an actual tattoo that looks identical to the original.

Tattoo artist @darny_tattoo is one of these artists that is able to turn a flash design into the exact same as a tattoo. Let's have a look!

Wow! It certainly does look the same, as the original flash design.

Pretty impressive. 

As you can see in the video, the first design is some type of flower that is blooming. There is a lot of depth and detail packed into this delicate, fine-line tattoo. 

It's gorgeous.

The second one is an evil eye with a bunch of butterfly wings, which is quite intricate and includes a lot of linework.

The third design is a bikini set on a laundry line, in black and gray. It's hard to tell how big this one is, but it looks quite small, however, also detailed. 

The fourth one is an actual butterfly with two eyes, which definitely looks a bit trippy - but cool, for sure.

The last design is a black, shiny heart. Quite cute and dark

You might have noticed, that this tattoo artist has a particular style and does a lot of "weird" tattoos, as she calls them. Also, her work is black and gray and certainly more of a realism style. 

Regardless, her style and art are stunning, especially being able to turn a flash design into an exact tattoo.

This certainly requires a whole other level of skills.