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This Is How a Dermal Piercing Is Done

It’s so cool!

Dermal piercings are piercings that happen on the dermis, or skin. These type of piercings are most often done on flat surfaces and lie flat against your skin, as they have only one entry way and hole for jewelry to be placed in.

This piercer showed us how she performs this piercing procedure on their client's cheek.


@thepiercer has dedicated their entire TikTok to showing what actually happens when you get a piercing.

She instructs her client to give her two deep breaths, as she inserts the needle in one direction and then in the other.

The Piercer wipes away the blood in really quick motions, while prompting her client of what is happening next.

An anchor is placed into the incision that then keeps the jewelry into place and the skin will heal and grow around.

Many commenters shared the same sentiment of following the artist's breathing directions as they watched the dermal piercing take place. It looked really intense.

"IM BREATHING WITH HER AND IM NOT EVEN DOING IT," one person said. Another commenter said, "ohhh no thanks- I'd pass out the second you said "take a deep breath."

Another piercer in the comments also gave some advice. "Should Really Do It On An Exhale. That’s When Your Body Is More Relaxed. I’m Also A Body Piercer And That’s What I’ve Always Done, Personally🌻."

This video is super helpful to know what you are getting yourself into when it comes to piercings, especially being able to see people's reaction to each poke.

Which place on your body would you get a dermal?