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Woman Gets Crazy Facial Piercing Most Piercers Won't Do

It looks cool but ouch...

When it comes to piercings, they can be tricky and are not equal. While all piercings take a long time to heal, some have more difficulty healing - such as dermal piercings.

A piercer at Metal Morphosis in London, U.K. demonstrates a rather unusual dermal piercing that isn't often being requested for a good reason. Many piercers in general, refuse to do dermal piercings because they usually get rejected. However, this client is actually a piercer herself, and everyone's skin heals differently. Let's check it out!

It looks super cool but is also painful to watch! However, apparently, dermal piercings feel more like pressure than pain. Either way, that sounds uncomfortable.

As you can see in the video, the two dermal piercings are right above her eyebrows. First, the area is cleaned with an alcohol wipe and then marked to make sure it's all centered and symmetrical. Then the piercer inserts a puncture hole where the anchor will be placed. Lastly, the jewelry will be screwed in.

It seems as if the PiercingTok community liked it as well, looking at the comments section.

As TikToker @undecided621 commented,

"I think these are the first dermals I've seen, I didn't hate."

I think they look great. But honestly, I like all dermal piercings, I just don't have the courage to get one myself.

Another person (@addy12493) asked,

"How would you change them?"

To which TikToker @charliettea replied,

"Dermals use an anchor in the skin to stay in place, and the part you can actually see with the gem on it can be unscrewed and changed out."

That easy!

And TikToker @grimeybeans wrote,

"Just got a dermal a little under a month ago! More of a blunt sensation. One of the less painful piercings I've gotten."

Wow! That is interesting and also hard to believe, but everyone experiences pain differently.