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Dave Bautista Reveals the Incredibly Personal Reason He Got a Tattoo Covered

He has personal moral code he is determined to uphold

People get tattoo cover-ups for various reasons, to cover up an ex-lover's name, to hide a botched tattoo, or to make a statement. Glass Onion actor Dave Bautista also has a cover-up tattoo that he went public about.

TikTok account Spoiler Time shares an interview with Bautista and the reason behind his very public tattoo cover-up. His reason is not only personal but also political. Let's find out why!

As Bautista shares in the video, his mother is gay and therefore he felt compelled to not further support his friend, who he looked up to - but doesn't mention his name.

According to NBC News, Bautista allegedly got the tattoo of Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao's team logo, which is a flaming meteor. Since he was part of his team. The tattoo is now covered with a sugar skull-painted woman. 

In an interview with GQ, he told the story of why he covered up the tattoo.

“He later came out publicly with some anti-gay statements and turned out to be an extreme homophobe,” Bautista explained. "So I had a huge issue with it. It’s a personal issue with me. My mom’s a lesbian, and I just could no longer call him a friend, so I had it covered up with this.”

Although it is speculated to be Pacquiao he's referring to, nothing was confirmed and these are just allegations. 

Fans of Bautista also took to TikTok and alleged the person of interest is indeed Pacquiao, due to the team's logo, and the fact that Pacquiao has the same tattoo. Although some people even suspected Chris Pratt to be the person. 

As TikToker @krackalackin123 commented,

"He’s talking about Manny Pacquiao. Not sure what he means by he was in a team though. Maybe it’s because Dave is Filipino."

To which TikToker @tr.is10 replied,

"I think they trained together? They were friends, publicly."

And TikToker @moellanes also suggested,

"It's a Pacquiao Team Tattoo."