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Watch as Artist Creates Dark-Themed Tattoo Designs Based Off Zodiac Signs

Cool and quite different

If you're into astrology, you probably also have a zodiac sign tattoo on your body, somewhere. And there are tons of possibilities. How about going over to the dark side for some zodiac tattoo designs? 

Tattoo artist Baked Bean Tattoos from Belgium designed some really cool zodiac signs if these were dark characters, which I think is fitting. Since every zodiac sign does have a dark side to them. Let's check them out!

Okay, I am definitely digging this style! 

However, I don't see the connection between a mermaid and Taurus, since Taurus is an earth sign. 

But hey, it still looks cool. 

And yes, the skulls for Aries make sense. And the bats for Gemini, I'm not sure why - but it sure looks cool, too.

In part 2, she did Cancer as plants and Leo as weapons - which I personally dig a lot, as I am a Leo. She also did Capricorn as a clown, which again I don't get the connection or relation between these two, and lastly, she did Virgo as a moth. 

Still lost. However, her style and skill set is remarkable. 

In part 3, she did Libra as mushrooms, I guess because it's an air sign and mushrooms need air to grow. She also did Scorpio and turned it into a female figure, such as a witch, a warrior, or a goddess. 

And she used bugs for Aquarius, don't ask me why.

In part 4, you can see, she did dark animals for Sagittarius, and for Pisces, she used mythical creatures.

TattooTok loved it too; however, some people were as confused as I was, regarding the relationship between the zodiac sign and the chosen design.

As TikToker @savageflowerstudios commented,

"As a Capricorn, the tattoos are gorgeous but hell no! I hate clowns! The rest are enchanting."

I agree, not a fan of clowns, but the tattoos came out great.

And TikToker @stiffzebra said,

"Respectfully as an"

I get it, bugs are not everyone's cup of tea.

Another TikToker (@boobookittyphck) posted,

"Plants was a letdown but the one with an eyeball was tight."

Yes, I like that one as well. 

Do you agree with the chosen design for your zodiac sign?