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Woman Shares “Perfect” Example of a Cultural Appreciation Tattoo vs. a Culturally Appropriative

It all comes down to intent.

Although people are free to tattoo whatever they want on them, certain tattoos can be considered offensive or even labeled as inappropriate, since it belongs to a certain culture. Such as tribal tattoos. Especially popular is the tribal tattoo the actor Dwayne Johnson - better known as The Rock - got. 

TikToker @jmiko333 thoroughly explains in her video the difference between a tattoo of cultural appreciation and a culturally appropriative tattoo. 

Okay, this makes sense. 

I would certainly recommend that everyone do their research when it comes to getting something in Chinese or Japanese tattooed on them. Because Chinese symbols were a major hit in the '90s but everyone who got a Chinese symbol tattooed, discovered that their symbol doesn't mean what they initially thought it would mean. Which is kind of funny - but nowadays can certainly be offensive.

With that said, certainly familiarize yourself with the culture, such as this creator's friend did - in her case Japanese - and research an artist who represents that culture. 

However, that doesn't apply to every culture. Tribal tattoos, for example, are designed with the individual in mind. Such as the one The Rock got tattooed. That Polynesian tribal tattoo was designed in particular for The Rock. He also got it tattooed professionally by Tahitian tattoo artist Po'oino Yrondi on a trip to Hawaii. His tribal tattoo is very different than the tribal tattoos from the '90s and early 2000s though. Nevertheless, anyone who copies The Rocks tattoo would be considered culturally appropriative. 

Her friend's tattoo, on the other hand, is a great example of cultural appreciation. As she appreciates the culture, by learning how to speak Japanese, as well as doing research and finding an artist who is Japanese and does Japanese-style tattoos.