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Tattoo Artist Claims She Once Tattoo Someone’s Name In Red and Only Learned After How Creepy It Was

Welp, that’s one way to deal with heartache.

The most common reason a person gets someone's name tattooed is because they love them. It could be your significant other's name, a parent, or even a child's name. 

This tattoo artist's client shared why she got someone's name tattooed in red ink. 

Tattoo artist @dezinkz did what any tattoo artist would do when their client wants a name tattooed onto their body. 

She tattooed it and we assume that she didn't think anything of it. Some people desire to have name tattoos. 

But, when she finished the tattoo her client informed her that "red ink means death."

Sheesh, that information would surprise just about anyone. So, the client intentionally wished death upon the person whose name she got tattooed. 

In her caption, Dez said, "I'm never tattooing a name again." We don't blame her! 

People within the comments were not satisfied with this meaning for red tattoo and shared what they believe red ink symbolizes. 

"It’s also represents Passion, Love, Blood, etc," one person said. Another person said, "Mines was for a person I see as my own blood." These are both good meanings and reasons to get someone's name tattooed.

One person said that they were sold on the idea until they read the last part. 

Dez explained to this commenter what red ink means in other cultures. "Lol there’s nothing that says that except in Chinese/Japanese culture to write someone’s name in red, not tattoos," she said.

Glad Dez cleared that up, but getting someone's name tattooed in general has to be a total commitment because relationships change and end all the time, so the reason behind getting it tattooed is what's really in question.