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Tattoo Artist Explains Why You Don't Need to Shave Brows for Cosmetic Tattooing

FYI, tattooing doesn't cause scarring or stunt hair growth.

There are many speculations about cosmetic tattooing and traditional tattooing and the results that it has on the body.

This tattoo artist, who started off as a cosmetic tattoo artist, answered a commenter's question about needing to shave the brows to minimize bacteria when tattooing and if tattooing causes scarring and inhibits hair growth. 

"Something I've run into a lot over the years is people not understanding why we don't have to shave the brows before we tattoo them," artist @daisylovesick said.

"No, tattooing absolutely does not inhibit or prohibit hair growth," Daisy said. "Good tattooing shouldn't cause scarring. She even showed the work done on her leg, where you can visibly see her leg hair. 

"I promise you the hair growth is not affected at all," she said as she rubber her 10-year-old leg tattoos.

Daisy said that shaving the skin before tattooing helps the stencil stick and stay longer, but she doesn't use stencils when doing brows.

"I am custom mapping and shaping the brows to fit each of my individual client's faces," she said. Doing this and being trained to work around brow hair allows her to tattoo brows.

She also said that hair clogs up the tattoo needle and makes it hard to get the tattoo into the skin on other parts of the body.

"Another reason we keep hair on the brows is managing healed expectations," Daisy said. "If you completely shave someone's eyebrows off and then map out a shape for them, if they typically wear hair on their eyebrows they are going to have no idea what looks good or what shape suits them."

Daisy said having the hair on the brows helps the customers feel good at the end of the process and they won't be able to tell what it would look like in their daily life if the brows were to be shaved off.

She also addressed the bacteria thing. "We can only control what happens on the tattoo pretty much only while the person's on our chair," she said. 

It becomes the person's responsibility as soon as they leave and the tattoo artists can only provide after care and instructions.

If you've had your brows tattooed, let us know your experience.