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Mom Shares the Reason Behind Her “Strange” Continuous Line Tattoo

This is an idea all moms might want to steal!

Getting tattooed as a parent might have not been acceptable back in the day - unless you were in the navy, maybe - but nowadays many moms and dads get tattooed. And you can now explain your tattoos to your little ones.

Or you can get a tattoo inspired by your little ones' nicknames, as mom and TikToker Becky Keyes did, and with that, I doubt the kids need an explanation. Let's check it out!

So cute!

Although I wasn't sure at first what this tattoo symbolizes until I watched it till the end, when each one of her three kids shared their nicknames, then it clicked.

The dinosaur is for sure her little son, as he just replied with "rawr."

And it makes sense, as the characters of the tattoo go in order. First, the oldest, who is a bear, then the second one is the middle child, who's a goose, and lastly the youngest, who is the little boy aka dinosaur. 

If I had kids I would probably also get something tattooed that resembles them, and if my mom would have gotten a tattoo like that, I would have chosen Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh!

You might have guessed it already, but TikTok loved it as well, referring to the comments section. 

TikToker @happyerink wrote,

"Mine would be a picture of a potato and a turkey."

Cute, funny, and weird.

Another TikToker (@todddavis5) posted,


I agree. The tattoo is also very subtle and simple, yet so powerful and meaningful.

And TikToker @m1sf1t1nact1on commented,

 "How awesome! Mom for the win."