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Apparently, This Is the Era of “Concept” Tattoos

And we are all here for it!

You've probably heard the term "patchwork tattoos" before, which describes a bunch of random tattoos that don't necessarily follow a particular theme or style. Such as this guy does, as he's collecting matching tattoos with strangers. 

However, there is another intriguing style that looks like patchwork tattoos but is actually designed to go together, even though it doesn't seem like it. Tattoo artist Joelle Wehbe, who specializes in fine line tattoos, does a lot of concept tattoos, which rose to fame in recent years, thanks to Pinterest.

I love this style. 

As you can see in this video, Joelle is putting multiple stencils on her client's arm to create an illusion of sticker tattoos - or patchwork - but where the tattoo design is one big piece, broken down into multiple parts. 

This design starts on the client's lower arm and continues down the hand and fingers. It's like a mixed-media art piece but on the skin. Including lettering, line-work, and other designs, such as the sun, an eye, half a statue, hands, and a cross.

It looks stunning!

Her work is precise and clean, especially her line work.

TikTok, however, had mixed feelings on this, according to the comments section.

TikToker @painted_ghost commented,

"It’s called, this client will pay me a lot in a year or two to cover this bc it’s going to blob together."

If that's the case, they can always consider blast-over tattoos.

Another TikToker (@rosshunter_1999) posted,

"It’s called Pinterest finest."

I definitely get that analogy.

And TikToker @fkfste85 wrote,

"Absolutely stunning!"

I agree.

What are your thoughts?