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Tattoo Artists Share What They Think of Clients' Red Flags and The Answers Might Surprise You

Makes sense...

Before you decide to get a tattoo, there are a few rules any client should consider. Such as not entering a tattoo shop and rushing the tattoo artist to quickly draw something up, as it takes time to design a tattoo. But there are also other pet peeves artists have when it comes to clients.

TikTok account That One Tattoo Parlor did us the favor and asked different tattoo artists at a tattoo convention about what they dislike regarding their clients. Let's hear what they have to say.

Let's take some notes, shall we?

Coming in at #1 is numbing cream. Thanks to TikTok, this numbing cream trend has been going around for some time, but not every artist approves of it or would recommend it. And here is why. It could cause an allergic reaction and also changes the texture of the skin, which makes it harder to tattoo. It can also interfere with the healing process of your tattoo. Therefore, it's always better to confirm with your artist. If your artist is fine with it, they usually would have it at the shop. 

For pet peeves #2 and #5, we have haggling about the shop minimum or the price, the artist sets. This is certainly infuriating, as the artist doesn't set the shop minimum but the owner does, and there is a reason why tattoos are expensive.

And #3 is when a client tells the tattoo artist how to do their job. While I understand that this can be annoying, as a client you know certain rules too, such as the area has to be cleaned, the artist needs to wear gloves, and the needles need to come fresh out of the packaging. If one or more of these protocols are not being followed, I think it's fair to tell the tattooist that they aren't doing their job right. When it comes to techniques or the design itself, you just have to trust the process.

Coming in at #4 we have intoxicated clients. Yes! This is probably one of the biggest pet peeves of any artist or shop manager. There are various reasons why this is a big no-go. You might make a decision that you'll regret later, you might pass out, you'll move too much, you could get sick and throw up, and you'll certainly bleed a lot more. Therefore, coming in under the influence is just a bad idea. 

And last but not least, at #6 is people who move too much. I can see this being challenging, but sometimes it's just uncontrollable reflexes. 

Surprisingly, many people on TikTok felt offended and confused. Especially the numbing cream part was confusing to some, and others didn't like the attitude of the tattoo artists.