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TikToker Bashes "Free Piercings" From Claire's

You pay for the blunt force trauma...

"I can't believe that we're in 2022 and people are still going to Claire's for their piercing," TikToker @rolywestyt said.

Roly has had enough of the "free piercing" special that Claire's advertises.

"The word free and piercings or free and body modifications should never be in the same sentence. Ever, ever, ever," they said. 

Roly even makes fun of how the store offers and advertises other piercings, like a nose or cartilage piercing. 

"As if shoving a blunt object through cartilage is a good idea causing blunt force trauma to your ear," Roly said.

Commenters shared some of their experiences getting pierced at a Claire's and honestly, we're scared.

"I got my nose pierced at Claire's and I was told it was the correct jewelry. All they did was put a stud without a back in my nose," one person said.

The training that Claire's employees was also question in Rory's video and in the comments. Rory strongly and angrily said, "they're not trained, they're not professionals, they have no idea what they're doing."

"Claire's employees have said that they practice on a piece of cardboard for a week and that's all the training they get...," one person said.

Apparently Claire's isn't the only store that offers piercings from non-professionals. A commenter said, "five below dose it too now starting at 5 dollars."

We know that a $5 piercing sounds like a good deal, but at what cost? Is free or cheap worth the trauma and complications that could come from an untrained person using a piercing gun?