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Man Documents His Christmas Themed Sleeve

It has a character from all the best Christmas movies

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to get a tattoo. This guy apparently has been in the Christmas spirit for awhile and took note of it on his arm.

He's documented his Christmas themed sleeve and it's nostalgic to see what character he's added each update.

Tiktoker @alexkaupp seems to love Christmas and all of the movies associated with the holiday. 

He began his Christmas themed sleeve tattoos in September, and has made great progress since. 

Alex began first getting the characters the Snow Miser and the Heat miser from the movie, "The Year Without A Santa Claus" on his forearm. His next tattoo after that one was the Grinch.

His other tattoos included a Funko Pop Santa Claus, a nutcracker, the Narwol from the movie "Elf," Gingy from "Shrek," and a Christmas tree.

In this video, he had gotten a Christmas wreath on his elbow. "Definitely didn't hurt at all 8/10 would recommend," Alex said. 

A commenter said that she knew why Alex's tattoo didn't hurt. "It's probably because you didn't actually get the tender part 😂😂 it's all around it."

He then responded that that part is coming up. Other commenters shared their thoughts of his sleeve so far.

"Heck yeah!! I have a grinch tattoo too!!!," one person said. Another person said, "This is the best set of tattoos I’ve ever seen. I want to touch your elbow the next time I see you."

What character and movie do you think he should include on his Christmas sleeve? Let us know.