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Watch How This Woman Gets Her Chin Pierced In Cringe-Worthy Video

Ouch! This must hurt!

It's fair to say that you can technically pierce any part of your body - yes, you read correctly. However, that doesn't mean every piercing is equal. Nope, most piercings - especially dermal anchors or surface piercings - tend to get rejected by the body. Ouch! And the other ones, such as cartilage piercings, tend to get absorbed into the skin if the jewelry isn't long enough. Yet, people still get them.

Piercer @jonpiercing shares a video of a client asking for a chin piercing - that's right.

Watching this video is not for the weak. This must hurt! Yet, his client didn't flinch one muscle but smiled instead. 

I am impressed because I know, I couldn't handle it. This type of piercing is called "surface piercing," like the one many people would get pierced on the back of their neck. It is recommended to use a longer bar for that, as longer jewelry promises better healing, especially for surface piercings. 

According to the TikTok community, this piercing procedure received a lot of criticism. 

Some people said it was off-center, and others said the barbell was too short. And a few just wanted to know why?

At least he used a surface barbell. 

I am not a piercer, but I agree the jewelry looks a little too short for this type of piercing, as the area will most certainly swell. With that said, if the jewelry is too short, there is a higher risk of irritation or the jewelry getting absorbed into the skin - which is painful. 

However, it does look cool and unique, that's for sure. But it's probably not for everyone.