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Five Tattoo Ideas That Will Commemorate Your Newborn

Aww, these are too cute.

We keep seeing on the internet how people who are expecting a child are getting "push gifts" for birthing a child and we love this idea. Their life is on the line, as their body goes through a lot of stress in those moments delivering the baby.

This TikToker shared five tattoo ideas to commemorate your baby's entrance into the world. Check them out. 

TikToker @tattoo.ideas04 made the cutest tattoo designs that make parenting seem like it's all sunny skies and nights full of rest and relaxation.

We love the design with the mother and baby facing each other, with noses against each other. Although this design is in black, imagine how vibrant the flowers and leaves would be in color.

Another design that is fitting for those with multiple children is the female lion with her cubs. 

The design of the outline of a baby's foot is very unique, being that it features everything about your newborn inside of the foot like the baby's birth date, time, weight, and name. You have no excuse to forget those details. 

@tattoo.ideas04 even included a few fine line tattoos for those who prefer those over a more intricate design.

Several commenters liked these designs and had requests for other children ideas. "I want to do something like this but that it works on case we have another baby so we can add to the tattoo🥺," one person said.

Another person said, "I absolutely love these, best I’ve seen. Can you do one for a toddler and a baby please 🥰🥰🥰."

If you're looking for ideas for a push gift, pay for a tattoo for your loved one.