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Woman Warns People to Not Get Cartilage Pierced With Gun

The infections were endless.

Blood blisters. Non-stop infections. That's exactly what happened to this woman whose cartilage was pierced with a piercing gun. 

In case you forgot or chose not to listen, here's another reminder of what could happen when you go the piercing gun route.

"I found a blood blister on the back of my I'm going to call it,"TikToker @serenaneel said. "Let's take it out."

This comes after what Serena says gets infected once a month and doubles in size. 

We watched as she used two pliers and pulled the ring out of her ear. "I can't believe I just took it out," she said as she bent her ear to show us her blood blister.

Serena also admitted that her ears have not been the same size for the last six months. 

Commenters tried to remedy what may have went wrong with this piercing.

"Hoops in cartilage in the first year is a big no no. Learned this the hard way," one person. Another person said, "Yes never should they pierce with a ring! It will never heal. Always a surgical steel stud."

Other commenters shared their experience with a piercing gun and with their cartilage piercing. 

"I Got 2 cartilage piercings with a gun and they both did absolutely amazing through the recovery 🤷‍♀️," one person said, and another said, "I made the piercing gun mistake TWICE. Cartilage got infected & rejected the piercing both times. Thankfully I went to a piercer for nose piercing."

She warns to not let anyone pierce your cartilage with a piercing gun, as she cleans her wound. 

She made sure to utilize her saving grace the last six months, a healing ointment that got rid of the infection. 

Infections every month doesn't sound worth the risk to be pierced with a gun, but the choice is yours. Choose wisely.