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Brookie Madison


News Writer, TatRing

Brookie Madison is a journalist, storyteller, poet, author, and creative whose passions include writing, hosting, curating, producing, and creating content.


Brookie often finds herself in the lifestyle, beauty, and mental health writing areas, but when she's not writing about those things she is writing about tattoos and piercings. 

She is an expert at finding trending content in the tattoo culture arena. She aims to highlight different cultures, skin tones, tattoo styles, as well as educating audiences on all things tattoo and piercing related. 

Although she is afraid of needles, Brookie still managed to get three piercings (one being rejected) and has no tattoos (as of yet).

Dare to ask her the longest time is has taken her to get a shot at the doctors (about 20 minutes for two shots).

Brookie admires the craft of tattooing and appreciates the skill that piercers and tattoo artists embody to bring designs and their client's ideas to life.


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