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Badass Bride Gets Tattooed at Her Reception

This is so cool

Weddings signify the union between two people, often in front of loved ones and familiar faces. This couple took it a step further and called in a little reinforcement from their tattoo artist at their wedding reception.

Watch this bride and groom get matching tattoos together.

Bride @jennifernoelle3 and her husband took their partnership to another level past the two of them only wearing rings on their finger. They got matching tattoos in matching locations.

Jennifer looked beautiful as she sat for her behind the ear tattoo. Within the comments, she revealed that she and her husband tattooed their wedding date in Roman numerals vertically.

How cool is it to have a life partner who is down to do everything with you for the rest of your lives. Wedding day tattoos are another way for them to honor their love for each other. 

Several commenters liked this idea and expressed what they would do.

"Maybe AFTER the honeymoon because I won’t want to worry about aftercare lol," one person said. Another person agreed and said, "yeah after the honeymoon though.. i like my neck grabbed too much😂😂."

One commenter shared how she did something similar to Jennifer. "The day prior to my wedding I got a tattoo in the exact same place that reads "October thirtieth". our wedding date and date of our first date," they said. 

That date is doubly significant, how cute! Wedding tattoos may be untraditional wedding things, but it seems like a very fun thing to do with your forever love.

Tell us if you'd get a wedding tattoo with your love and what you would get.