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Tattoo Artist Incorporates Collar Bone Into Tattoo Design

It really gives it a unique feel!

Before you ask the million-dollar question, yes tattoos hurt. However, some tattoo placements hurt more than others, especially bony areas, such as the shin, feet, hands, and chest.

And collarbones are no exception. This tattoo shop @tattoofort documented its client's insane collarbone tattoo, and it is quite intricate.

Ouch! This must have been quite painful, speaking from experience. And trust me it is. 

And every tattoo enthusiast knows that pain is pleasure, and somewhat relaxing. I always imagine my internal pain to be released with my physical pain, and then it just disappears into thin air.

It sure looks cool and was probably worth the pain.

There is just something about snake tattoos. This one especially, as it is quite trippy and almost like 3D. I wonder how long this took.

As you can see in the video, it is designed so it looks like it wraps around the collarbone of the client. 

Many people on TikTok also loved this tattoo design, looking at the over 2 million likes it received.

The comments section was also overflown with over 30K comments.

One TikToker commented,


Another person mentioned,

"That's gonna hurt."

Oh, yes indeed.

But so worth it.

Would you be able to sit through a painful tattoo that will look so cool once it's done? Let us know what your most painful tattoo was. 

For me, my eyelids, chest, and neck. And the longest I sat through a tattoo was about seven hours without any numbing cream, just a little Bactine. It was rough!