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Artist Shares What the “Blast-Over Tattoo Method” for Cover-Ups Looks Like

And it looks good!

At this point, if you have a tattoo that is a blast from the past, a botched tattoo, or even a mistake you want to erase - you have many options now. You could either do a few sessions of laser tattoo removal - which keep in mind, hurts. 

Or you can cover it up with a different tattoo, do a blackout tattoo, or something that's called "blast-over." Tattoo artist Bubba Tattooer in Los Angeles, CA does exactly that, and the process is quite fascinating.

I must say, it looks pretty cool. It certainly looks like a brand-new tattoo done in a very unique style. 

Although it looks similar to a blackout tattoo with white highlights, it's not the same since you can still see the old tattoo.

Looking at the comments in the comments section, tattoo enthusiasts were pleased too, and relieved it seems.

As TikToker @umdaysha wrote,

"I never had a word I could use .. thank you."

That's the beauty of tattooing, it never stops evolving. 

Another person (@regulatxr) wrote,

"Super rad, also seems less painful than a blackout."

Where @bubtattoos replied to,

"Most definitely! A blackout can be traumatizing but doable."

The healing phase of a blackout tattoo is just so gnarly!

And TikToker @jaynaddy__ posted,

"Yes, I do need a cover-up."

However, according to @bubtattoos, there are differences between blast-over and coverup tattoos.

"So In the tattoo community…. There are differences between a coverup and a blast-over. With a blast-over, the original tattoo is still somewhat visible."

The more you know!

Would you get a blast-over tattoo?