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Tattoo Artist Hilariously Pranks Client Who’s a Patriots Fan With a Surprising Stencil

He was a good sport.

The last thing you expect to happen while at your tattoo appointment is for your tattoo artist to prank you. You're sitting there patiently waiting not knowing they are plotting on you. 

This tattoo artist saw that his client was a Patriots fan and decided to prank him in a very unpatriotic way.

Artist @tonys103 did what needed to be done all in the name of football. "This guy comes in my shop for his appointment dressed in Patriots gear," Tony said. "Had to mess with him. GO BILLS."

Tony picked the perfect sound for this video, as he shaved his clients back arm before placing the Buffalo Bills stencil onto his client's arm. 

Once placed, he made his client go check it out to make sure he liked it before the tattooing began.

The client took a good look and burst into immediately laughter at what Tony had started to put on his body.

Commenters were thrilled to see this prank and how well the client handled it. "As a pats fan this is awesome… love the way he laughed it off. All in good fun," one person said. 

Another person said, "NE born and raised, will always be a Pats fan but when they aren't playing the Bills, I rooting Bills every game."

Some people are die hard sports fans and take these rivalries seriously, so we're also happy that Tony's client smiled and laughed at his shenanigans.

Other commenters shared the rivalries that take place within their home. "I’m a patriots fan married to a bills fan. You wear that tattoo with pride," a person said.

This tattoo artist seems like fun and will keep the laughs coming all throughout the appointment.