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BFFs Get Husbands’ Names Tattooed On Their Butts

Friends for life!

In childhood, many best friends would get friendship bracelets, wear the same clothes, and maybe get the same haircuts. Best friends nowadays, just get matching piercings or matching tattoos.

Such as TikTok creator Chelse Tyson did with her bestie. However, they didn't necessarily get matching tattoos but they got their husbands' names tattooed instead - on their butts. Speaking of commitment! Let's check it out!

I mean, why not? 

However, as someone who has her ex's name tattooed - mine didn't last. But everyone has a different relationship.

TikTok also was split on this.

As one person (@des_tha_mess) commented,

"Pretty sure this is called the kiss of death, but hopefully it’s different for y’all."


While TikToker @love_amethyst posted,

"I’m sad I don’t have friends that love their husbands enough to do this with me lmao."

There are still a lot of people out there, who support the idea of getting their significant other's name or initials tattooed on them - but hopefully not their significant other's face

However, TikToker @aliciacanella wrote,

"No hate on your tats, but I'm glad I didn't get my ex's name. We got chess pieces together so I can play it off now. that was my "lesson learned" tat."

I can relate to that, as I also have matching tattoos with my exes. It is a gamble for sure. 

And TikToker @beatlezbabe just said,

"Ok, I need these kinda friends."

While I think it's fun to get tattooed with your bestie - especially to get matching tattoos - to have someone's name tattooed, like your significant other, is always tricky.