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Artist Has a Great Tip for Anyone Who Wants to Learn Tattooing

It’s a true craft.

The industry of body modification is certainly booming, as tattoos and piercings have become more accepted by society. Aside from the mainstream part, the industry is also a great way to make decent money as an independent contractor and travel, while working. However, it is also tough to break into this industry as it cost money, time, and patience to work on becoming a tattoo artist or piercer. Both usually involve three years of an apprenticeship that includes being trained by a licensed professional.

Tattoo artist Tyler Nicholas (@tattoosbytyler_st) shares a few great tips in his video for anyone who wants to become a tattoo artist. 

This is a great way to practice your line work, as well as shading. 

All you need is a cheap tattoo machine that you won't use for tattooing but for practice only. As well as a pencil or a ballpoint pen, and grip tape to give your hand support. 

He also recommends tracing lines in a notebook and of course printing out stencils and tracing them. This is certainly helpful, whether you learn tattooing the traditional way due to an apprenticeship or because you're learning by doing it

Once you've built strength in your hand and can control the machine, you can eventually upgrade to a tattoo machine designed for skin. But before you tattoo your first tattoo on human skin, it is recommended to use fake skin, pig skin, or oranges. 

The whole purpose of this exercise is not only about creating straight lines and understanding how the machine operates, but it also helps gain control over the machine as the machine is heavy. Of course, there are also lighter machines on the market but it is recommended to start with a coil machine.