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Woman’s “God Awful” Tattoo Reveal Has Even Us Cringing

Oh they did her dirty.

One of the biggest concerns for many who decide to get a tattoo is if the tattoo artist can execute the design drawn on paper, into a tattoo. As we all know, just because something looks great on paper, doesn't mean it will look great on the skin. However, there are also cases where the tattoo artist executes it well, but the chosen image just looks awkward.

TikToker @georgemichaelsbiggestfan reveals what she wanted to get tattooed and what she got instead, and let me tell you - there is a huge difference!

Wow! I mean it could be worse! 

This doesn't look bad so to speak, but it doesn't look like the design she initially wanted. She wanted to get American Traditional with bold black outlines but got something completely different. I am not sure if the artist was trying to combine two different tattoo styles, such as watercolor and American Traditional - but it sure was poorly executed.

However, a design like this is actually easy to fix. A skilled and trained artist with years and years of tattoo experience should be able to fix this with his eyes closed. Therefore, it is so crucial to research your artist. This means, you check their portfolio, see what they specialize in, and how many years of tattoo experience they have. However, keep in mind that even someone who is only been professionally tattooing for one year can be pretty good. I've seen it all. 

Although the tattoo is hideous, to say the least, the video still got over 400K likes! And people definitely had something to say about it. Most people asked if the artist even checked the original image as a reference. 

I don't think he did.