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Woman Claims Eyeliner Tattoo Was the Worst Decision She Ever Made

It didn’t heal well.

The process of getting a regular tattoo and a cosmetic tattoo - or permanent makeup - are similar, yet quite different. Whereas a cosmetic tattoo only lasts between 2 and 5 years before it needs a touch-up, a tattoo that decorates your skin is for life. Either way, it is important to research either tattooist before you decide to get one, as complications can occur.

Unfortunately for TikTok creator MAR, her tattoo experience getting a cosmetic tattoo didn't go as planned. Let's take a look at what went wrong!

So many questions!

According to another video, she said that when she got the permanent eyeliner tattoo done, she was 19 years old. And she wanted to clarify that her regretting her decision of getting an eyeliner tattoo, is not about not getting a touch-up every two years - which she did get done, or that the job was done poorly, but more so that her taste in makeup has changed. She wants to explore and try out different makeup trends, without having permanent black eyeliner under her makeup - which makes sense. 

Therefore, she continues that she doesn't recommend getting permanent makeup done because she believes that tastes and trends change. Maybe getting permanent makeup done at a young age isn't a great idea.

But I think when you're older, you pretty much figured out your style - especially when it comes to makeup, and it usually is a quick and effortless one. That's why many older women choose permanent makeup. 

Looking at the comments section, many people on TikTok seem to also be confused.

As one TikToker @maygan.888 posted,

"Tattoo removal?"

I don't know - but I wouldn't recommend it around the eye area.

Another TikToker (@that_girl_mumba) wrote,

"You can do tattoo concealer to cover it up permanently."

This could definitely be an option.

And TikToker @somethingoriginallol commented,

"Yours at least faded to grey. Mine faded blue and I spent 4x more getting it off than I spent on getting it done."

Yikes, that sucks!