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Man Collects Celebrity Signatures for Epic Back Tattoo

He’s met a lot of people.

Getting an autograph of your favorite celebrity sure is exciting but what about getting a portrait of your favorite celebrity tattooed? Or even better yet, collecting signatures of your favorite celebrities on your back and then turning them into tattoos. That's right! 

Just like TikTok creator @funky did, as he's also holding the world record.

His back looks like the locker room of my former high school or the bathroom of my favorite dive bar in New York City. 

This certainly screams dedication. 

There is so much going on here! Quite a lot of famous signatures, such as Shaggy and Sting. 

What a fun idea. 

I'd assume he gets the signatures tattooed right away, otherwise, the sharpie would disappear or he wouldn't be able to shower for a few days until he gets them inked permanently on him. 

I am not quite sure how and why he decided to collect signatures of celebrities on his back, but this one from JackA$$'s Brandon Novak tops it all. As this was done on the back of a motorcycle while Funky was driving, hence the look of it. 

I mean talking about getting someone's name tattooed. Meanwhile, I am setting up a tattoo appointment for a cover-up to erase my ex's name permanently. However, I guess I would get certain celebrity signatures tattooed on me - but tiny.

The TikTok community didn't have much to say, except comments about how many tattoos he has on his back, as well as the fact he never actually saw his back. But hey with 16.8K likes, he must have done something right.

I think this is quite unique!