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Tattoo Artists Shares 3 Ways to Use ASL to Check On Deaf Clients

Inclusivity is key.

Checking on your client's well-being while tattooing them is a no brainer. Nerves can sometimes get the best of us and we can have different pain toleration.

But, what about when they are deaf or hard of hearing? 

This tattoo artist shares three ways to check on your deaf clients so that they can enjoy their tattoo session.


American Sign Language, or ASL, is a visual language communicated through hands and face movements and is the main language of Deaf communities in the U.S.

TikToker @tattooingartist showed us how to use ASL to ask how much pain, are you okay, and do you need a break.

These are all three very important questions to ask, as tattoos can take anywhere from minutes, hours, to several sessions. 

Many commenters loved how considerate these gestures are to those in the deaf community and appreciated the tips. 

"As a hard of hearing tattooist, I love this," one said. Another said, "This is actually pretty nice to know. Just had a convo with another artist at the shop about this scenario. Thanks for sharing!"

As a tattoo artist it's so very important to be in tune with your client. It's also just as important as a client to communicate your needs to your artist during your session.

Keep these gestures in mind the next time you decide to get a tattoo or join someone who is getting a tattoo. Pass this video along to continue making tattoos inclusive and to educate others.