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Woman Shares Harrowing Story of Why She’ll Never “Cheat” On Her Tattoo Artist Again

Her real artist totally saved the day

There are some people you should never cheat on (just kidding, don't cheat at all): your hair stylist, your significant other, and your tattoo artist. 

This woman shares a story about the time she cheated on her tattoo artist and regretted it big time. 

TikToker @laurenhufnagell's for you page on TikTok worked in her favor, so she thought. 

"Back in early October this tattoo artist came on my for you page that was located about two hours away from me," Lauren said. "She made a video talking about how she was accepting bookings for fine line tiny tattoos."

Lauren said that everything she posted looked very cute and she was interested in getting tattoos smaller than the ones she already had. 

"I had booked for three tattoos," she said. "I wanted 'rivers and roads' on my arm, three stars behind my ear, and then 'everything with love' on my hip."

She described them as basic, super easy designs for the tattoo artist to do, but they turned out to be everything but easy for the tattoo artist. "When I tell you, I balled my eyes out the entire drive home. Keep in mind, I didn't see them until they were done."

Sheesh, that's wild to not have been able to see these tattoos get done. The tattoos turned out to be not of good quality and Lauren described the hip tattoo as "not even legible."

Lauren said that the tattoo artist was rushing to get all three of her tattoos done within the hour time frame. 

She said that once she got back home, she went to her amazing tattoo artist and cried showing him what had been done to her body. They agreed that they were bad tattoos.

"So, I spent the next three to four weeks scrubbing the shit outta these tattoos," Lauren said. "I was using salt and oil to scrub them and I was soaking them in hydrogen peroxide to make them as light as possible."

Lauren said that her tattoo artist saved her and she quickly learned her lesson. "So, I'll never be cheating on my tattoo artist again."

Many commenters had something to say about the so-called tattoo artist who originally tattooed Lauren. 

"There’s been a looooot of people taking 3 day courses to get “certified” in tattooing and offer tiny tattoos and this is what they end up tattooing," a commenter said.

Another person had some advice for everyone. "Guys take your tattoos seriously pls 😭 there’s no such thing as an “easy” tattoo. If you want a good tattoo you gotta go to someone experienced," they said. 

It's safe to say that Lauren is in a committed relationship with her tattoo artist and will not be stepping out on him ever.