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Artist Beautifully Covers Up Blow Out Fine Line Tattoo

Talk about real, genuine content.

Sometimes when things get blown up (or out), all you need are flowers to make it all better.

This artist did a cover up of a blown out fine line flower tattoo and they made it even more beautiful.

Tattoo artist @sigaktattoo is known for their cover up tattoos that feature celestial and other worldly designs. 

They took this singular blown out flower and made it a new piece, where you can't even tell that it was once blown out or even a tattoo existed under the new design. It was supposed to be a fine line tattoo, but looked nothing like it.

By adding more flowers and a black background to the piece, Sigak covered it up masterfully. The new design featured many different flowers with stems that were vibrant green, yellow, and pale pink colors. 

Sigak also used white ink to differentiate the flowers from the dark background surrounding them.

This arm tattoo ended up looking like beautiful flowers growing wildly and starting to blossom out of the black rectangular background.

The parts where the old flower tattoo were most dark turned out to be the pistils of the newly tattooed flowers. 

Sigak's designs and talent had many people within the comments wanting for new ink and to travel to get on their appointment book.

"TikTok has me yearnin’ for some floral tattoos 🥺," one person said. Another person said, "This cover up is amazing. I need to book a flight to LA."

It's so amazing how this tattoo took a turn for the better.