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Woman Shares the Brutal Process of Healing an Armpit Tattoo

Oof, that looks rough.

Tattoo placement is such an important step in the tattoo process, as it dictates how painful the tattoo could be, how well it heals, and even how visible it is.

This woman got her armpit tattooed and shared how the healing process went.

"The worst part about getting an armpit tattoo are the first three days," artist @tatsbydax said.

We see her removing the Saniderm from the flower tattoo on her armpit, after it had been on for 24 hours. On that first day, Dax said that after the saniderm removal, her tattoo was very red.

By day two, she said that her armpit was smelly and starting to bruise. On day three, she revealed that she can't wear deodorant for another four days.

This healing process seems like one where you need to stay in the house lying down with your arms up. Any thing you do can make you either feel that soreness or cause you to sweat and stink.

There's not much you can do about a smelly armpit when your tattoo is healing because washing and touching it will make the pain and soreness worse.

The armpit is such sensitive place, already having soft skin there. Just imagine having to pull it tight to even tattoo the area. Your armpit is positioned in a crevice, so we know this tattoo was painful when her arm went down.

On day three, we can also visibly see the yellowing and bruising of her skin. Sheesh, she is a champ for this one. 

Let us know if you'd get your armpit tattooed, and if you have already, what was your healing experience?