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Apprentice Shares Story About Urgent Tattoo Client “Had” to Get for Losing Bet

They came back two weeks later for more.

Losing a bet means that you have to go through with whatever conditions were agreed upon beforehand. This tattoo apprentice had a client claiming to have lost a bet and needed a tattoo immediately. 

See why this story doesn't seem to add up, but is funny nevertheless. 

"I believe with all my heart that there was no bet and this man just wanted his nipple colored green," tattoo artist @kaitandersen said in her caption. "With peace and love I hope he's okay after all these years."

Kait told the story of the time while working as an apprentice a client came in wanting his nipple tattooed green. 

"Let me go check with my mentor to see if I'm allowed to do this, I've never had this encounter before," she said after the client explained what he needed. 

She was given the okay to do it, and then shared that the same client made their way back to the tattoo shop two weeks later.

"Hi, I need a touch up on my nipple and I want to add sh*t to it," the client said. He said that he wanted the green to be more vibrant and he wanted the word ouch written over it and arrows pointing to his nipple.

Oddly enough, Kait obliged to his requests and even showed picture proof in the video. 

Commenters couldn't believe that this actually happened and commented how shocked they were at this unique tattoo request. 

"I would not have believed you if it weren't for the photo omg I'm dead💀," one person said. Another person said, "I thought you where BSing but boy was i wrong 🤣."

Be nice to your tattoo artists and tattoo apprentice, they make a lot of people's dreams come true.