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Tattoo Artists Parody How Annoying Clients Act

Don’t be this type of client...

If you ever wanted whether or not your tattoo artist, piercer, nail tech, or anyone that performs a service for you makes fun of you behind your back, they do.

These tattoo artists confirmed everything we already thought when they pretended to be annoying clients.

Tattoo artists at @merakitattoostudios did an Oscar worthy performance mocking clients and we want to apologize if we've ever done or said any of these things. 

In the video, the client asked, "Um is that sterile?" as if they didn't watch the tattoo artist take the equipment out of a sealed box. Her response to the obviously dumb question was a simple "no." They're hilarious. 

In another example, the client flinches as the artist begins to tattoo her and says, "I did not consent to this." In reality, once the waiver is signed, you actually do consent to the actions performed. 

We can't imagine someone walking into a tattoo shop with the intention of getting a tattoo and still have the nerve to complain and ask the artist to make it hurt less. Um, what? Make it make sense. 

Commenters enjoyed the humor and even more interested in their tattoo studio.

One person said, "this studio looks so rad, id love to have a workplace like this 😭." Another person said, "Holding up the consent form “yes you did” took me out 😂."

When getting your first or next tattoo, please keep in mind that tattooing is an art and a profession. Respect for the artist and the craft goes a long way. Don't be like this client and get sprayed with soap.