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These Western Traditional American Tattoos Will Have you Saying Yee-Haw

We love the coloring too.

There is a wide variety of tattoo styles out there, from photorealism to new school, there is something for everyone, as well as new tattoo styles up and coming. One tattoo style that is considered long-lasting, substantial, and therefore a favorite of many tattoo artists and tattoo collectors, is American Traditional. And even within American Traditional tattoos are different themes and styles. 

Tattoo artist Heather Jane (@heathergulli37) shares her take on American Traditional, Western edition. 

These look stunning!

The colors are vibrant, the lines are sharp and clean, and American Traditional always looks great on the skin. 

Sometimes going with simpler designs is just the better option. That doesn't mean these are easier, because there is a lot of line work that can't be covered with shading, such as with realism tattoos. Therefore, finding a skilled artist who specializes in American Traditional is the key. 

As you can see in the video, the designs include a buffalo, a cowboy skull, a cow skull, and a stone arrow. And honestly, you don't have to live in the wild, wild west to get these. I think it's a good way of resembling having a free spirit, wild heart, and lust for life. 

The great part of American Traditional tattoos is that they will probably last the longest due to the bold outlines. Besides, there is also something really cool and historical about American Traditional tattoos, as many sailors would get them, as they were on their voyages traveling to undiscovered or unknown places.