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Woman Tries Out AI Filter On Her Tattoo and Gets a Stunning Result

This would be fun to do on all kinds of ink.

If you post a lot on social media - mostly TikTok - you're probably aware of the fact that there are tons of filters to choose from. And whereas the popular Ai filter is cool but different - especially when it comes to tattoos - this new TikTok filter will certainly surprise you. 

Tiktok creator and tattoo artist @tatsbyrosie tried out this new TikTok filter to see what her tattoo will turn into, and the answer might surprise you. Also, what TikTok thought it was. 

Looks interesting!

If you're also lost watching this video - such as myself - this tattoo design was inspired by Arwen Evenstar's pendant from Lord of The Rings. However, the filter turned it into a beautiful arm cuff.

Some of TikTok got that right, however, the rest was also confused, but for different reasons than you might think.

The video went viral with 1 million views because people thought it was a baby's arm. People on TikTok legitimately thought someone tattooed their baby's arm. 

In a way, this is hilarious to think that, no?

However, Rosie set the record straight by explaining and guaranteeing that the tattoo is in fact on her and that it was just a bad angle.

Let's see wat TikTok thought.

One person (@amara_moonsage) wrote,

"Bruh I was genuinely concerned about why a toddler had a tattoo but then I read the comments."

It's always better to check the comments first, to ease the confusion.

Another person (@hookersnbows) wrote,

"Omg thank God everyone else thought this was a baby’s arm too hahaha."

I didn't.

And TikToker @mbear.3 commented,

"This would be a great way to design cover-ups."

I agree! Either way the design of the tattoo looks stunning!