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These AI Generated Dragon Tattoos Are So Cool

We want them all.

Artificial Intelligence has been an ongoing thing in technology. Whether we are speaking to Alexa, Google, Siri, or whatever the lasted techy thing is, AI is here to stay. 

This TikToker has taken advantage of AI's abilities to create dragon tattoos. Check it out. 

TikToker @jacksonkermclean is obsessed with everything AI. His whole TikTok is dedicated to AI tattoo designs and we understand why. They look so cool!

With these 10 tattoo designs, you'd think that these designs were realism tattoos the way that they are so detailed.

From the scales and textured skin, to the fire and claws, these dragons are so vibrant and thorough. If there is a tattoo artists whose can draw dragons like these, point them out. We want to compare.

We love how realistic and dimensional the eyes are on each design. It's almost scary to imagine that a dragon could look as vibrant and fierce.

Jackson's comments were filled with suggestions of what tattoo designs he should do next and people's thoughts on the dragons. 

One person said, "It’s interesting that the AI sees a third eye in several of the pictures. Interesting." Who knows, maybe three-eyed dragons were a thing (wait....are they even real?).

Other people said, "Huskies Huskies huskies Huskies!!! please 🙏🙏🙏🙏" and "I need a red and black dragon wrapped up around the arm in the affinity symbol biting its own tail." Wow, that is very specific. 

There's so much that AI can do that it's almost scary to think about. Would you get one of these AI generated dragon tattoos?