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Watch How Artist Designs a Tattoo in 3D

What a cool process!

You might not know this but back in the day, tattoo designs were still drawn by hand. Even the process of getting a good stencil made, was done by hand. I know, it's hard to believe since nowadays everything is digital and many tattoo artists use certain programs to design tattoos. Such as ProCreate, which not only cuts time in half but also makes it easier to be precise with the placement of the tattoo design.

This artist @tattooingartist has an even cooler program and system that lets him design tattoos in 3D.

Wow! It even incorporates sensitive areas, like the knee or behind the knee.

The first step in this process is highlighting the area - you want to tattoo - with the airbrush setting of the program you are using, as well as setting the opacity at very low. I would imagine this can be achieved with ProCreate, as this artist doesn't mention which software or program he's using but they are all quite similar. 

The next step is selecting another color to highlight the areas that bend. Then you have to select another color to set boundaries of how high and low you want the tattoo to be, as well as create a straight line down the tattoo model. And lastly, select a color to highlight sensitive areas. 

All you have to do is turn off the 3D setting to get a better understanding of the color reference and how it will look on the model. The final step is inserting a photo or stencil of your tattoo design in 2D mode, turning down the opacity, and then adjusting the design to the center lines. 

And that's it. Pretty simple if you ask me.