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This 3D Heart Tattoo Is So Trippy - It'll Make You Want to Get One Yourself

So cute!

The ideas for tattoo designs are endless, as tattooing has evolved over time, including its techniques and aftercare procedures. There is photorealism in color or tattoos that look like a stitched-on patch. 

And then there are techniques and styles that make a tattoo come to life, as this TikTok account @htx.beautyandtheblade shares in their video. 


This is so pretty! It is delicate and looks simple, but it gives the illusion of being 3D, that's achieved due to the shading. It's quite trippy! 

Although the tattoo is on the smaller end, what gives it the 3D effect is that the outline only consists of white ink and black ink, as well as some shading, established probably by a grey wash. It sounds simple, but to do this requires some skills and experience. The tattoo artist creates depth with the contrast of white and black, as well as the added shading. 

Some may say white will look yellow after a while and doesn't work for every skin tone, but a tattoo artist who knows their capabilities, and has years of experience would know how to use white for it to pop and stand out, like adding highlights to black and grey drawings. Usually, that's what white ink is mostly used for - to add highlights - and therefore brings the drawing or tattoo to life. And it clearly works on this little heart. 

I am obsessed! If you need some tattoo inspiration for your next tattoo, maybe a 3D heart tattoo will be it.