Tattoo Copying: What's The Big Deal?

Updated on July 10, 2017

It is often said that imitation is the highest form of flattery but when it comes to something as personal as a tattoo, I could not disagree with that sentiment more.

As Tattoo popularity grows, so to does the likelihood of a tattoo being copied for one reason or another. While some people truly believe that they are being complimentary to their idols and that somehow this will gain their attention, others are simply ignorant to how unimaginative and disrespectful it is to copy an already existing tattoo.

Although I myself am not a tattoo artist, I can sympathise with how frustrating it must be to have designs that have taken countless hours to create, stolen and used by predominantly inexperienced and lazy ''artists.'' I use the term ''artist'' loosely as to be an artist involves originality and creativity which are attributes these people are severely lacking.

Of course tattoo artists are not the only people affected by copied designs, the original client must then also deal with no longer having a unique piece of body art that they worked with their artist to create initially.


Inspiration V Copying

Being inspired by someone else's work is vastly different than outright reproducing it and claiming it as your own idea.

Incorporating some aspects into the design you want is absolutely fine, after all, we all get our ideas from somewhere, very rarely are our thoughts completely original. If you want to do more than just take inspiration from some aspects then you should ask the original artists permission and ensure they are okay with it before you proceed with your plans any further.

This doesn't just apply to tattoo artists, it applies to any piece of work you see on or offline and want to have a permanent image of on your body. Some artists and individuals will be flattered at the thought of having their work tattooed on someone for life and therefore agree, but not everyone will feel that way which is why it is important to check fist.


Why Do People Get So Annoyed?

The reaction you will from clients who have had their tattoos reproduced is usually that of fury, frustration and disgust. This reaction in my eyes, is completely justified.

As a client, you are not only paying your chosen artist for the session, you are also paying for the design, however customised and personal that may be. For the result then to be having all of that hard work stolen and copied by someone else is nothing less than insulting. Copying tattoos also affects the artists who spend hours piecing together and bringing to life their original ideas. It is not complimentary or flattering, it is flat out disrespectful.

How To Prevent It?

Thankfully, I have not gone through this situation and I hope I never have to with any of my tattoos, present or future.

Preventing tattoo theft lies mostly in the hands of artists. Any reputable and professional Tattoo Artist will refuse to recreate an already existing piece of work regardless of what payment is offered. However that's not to say that clients have no responsibility and can't be held accountable for tattoo theft.

We will never be able to fully stop the uninventive from ripping off the designs of others but we can limit the scale of which it occurs.

  • Educating those who are new to the world of tattoos. This includes Artists as well as clients.
  • Watermarking designs.
  • As much as you shouldn't have to, being selective about showing designs on social media is good way to prevent any of your designs being stolen.


How To Handle It?

If someone approaches you and asks for your blessing to copy your tattoo whether you be the artist or the original client, this is your chance to strongly advise them against what they are about to do.

Unfortunately for some people this doesn't always convince them and they go ahead and get the design done anyway.

So now, one way or the other your design has been copied and you are left feeling angry, frustrated and sometimes like you want to get rid of your tattoo.

  • Remember that no matter what, your tattoo is the original. Though it is frustrating to have your design stolen, especially if it was a very meaningful and personal one, your art has not lost it's meaning or beauty because of this.
  • Contact the person and explain how you are feeling and ask if they will alter their design (highly unlikely).
  • Remember that yours being the original, also usually means that it is the best. When you look at copied designs, it is a very common occurrence that they are of very poor quality.
  • In the end there is nothing physical you can do to right the situation, it is something you will have to come to terms with eventually, but know that you have the support of the majority of the tattoo community.

To conclude, tattoo copying is a big deal, and those who think otherwise are discourteous and thankfully have little backing in the tattoo community.

I hope this has provided a little bit of insight to the subject. If you or someone you know has had a tattoo design stolen then feel free to share your story in the comments section below and remember to take part in the polls.

Have you ever had your tattoo or design copied?

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Have You Ever Copied Someone Else's Tattoo?

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    • lsmith131 profile image

      Lanecia Smith 7 months ago from Ohio

      Great article BunnyClaws. Some people can't seem to understand how they may be offending someone by copying their tattoo.

      Being unique is something that everyone should strive for, especially when getting tattoos. I have five, which are hidden and would feel a little weird if someone copied my tattoos. Tattoos are suppose to be special and some have powerful meanings behind them.

      Tattoo copying is really popular today due to social media and the development of the internet. Before there was no way of copying a tattoo unless you saw it in a book or magazine.