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How to Care for a Helix or Forward Helix Piercing

Learn about helix and forward helix piercings, from what to expect, to aftercare, to FAQ's, healing times, and common myths (debunked!).


How to Care for a New Piercing

How do you take care of a new piercing? Learn what to do if a piercing gets infected, how to avoid infection, and how to ensure a problem-free healing process.


Septum Piercing Aftercare (How to Clean Your Piercing)

Advice on how to take care of a new septum piercing, with detailed aftercare and cleaning instructions and a list of things to avoid while healing.


The Dos and Don'ts of Taking Care of New Ear Piercings

Here's everything you need to know about how to care for new ear piercings. Your beautiful earrings are in, but now what? Minimize the risk of infection and scarring with these tips. Keeping the piercing clean doesn't have to be difficult!


What to Avoid After a New Piercing

Just a quick guide of five things that you shouldn't do when you get a new piercing that the piercer themselves might not tell you.