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Getting Pierced


How Much Do You Tip a Piercer?

Are you wondering whether you should be tipping your piercer? Find out why tipping is important, how much you should tip, and other ways to express appreciation for your piercer here.


The Medusa Philtrum Piercing Guide: Everything You Want to Know

If you're getting a medusa piercing, you need to know how the piercer does it, the cost, what kind of jewelry you can wear, how long it will take to heal, how to clean it and swap it, to avoid issues like sinking or scarring.


My Prolonged Belly Button Piercing Nightmare

This is the story of my prolonged belly button piercing fail. Hopefully, this experience helps others who are experiencing, or may someday experience, belly button piercing pain.


How Long Will My Piercing Take to Heal?

If you've got a new piercing or are considering getting one, it's good to know what to expect about the healing process. Here's a guide to how long healing is expected to take for various piercing types.


Delicate Piercing Ideas for Women and Girls

Want to get a piercing, but not sure you want something too big or obvious? Why not opt for a more delicate look? Browse through this article for some delicate piercing ideas!


17 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Got My Nose Pierced

Last year I got a nostril piercing, and I wish someone had told me all about nose piercings before I had it done. Here are seventeen things to know about getting pierced and living with a nose ring.


Everything You Need to Know About Piercings

Learn about all the different piercings, jewelry options, healing times, cleansing, and risks.


How to Care for a Helix or Forward Helix Piercing

Learn about helix and forward helix piercings, from what to expect, to aftercare, to FAQ's, healing times, and common myths (debunked!).


Can Hydrogen Peroxide Cure an Infected Piercing?

Read this before using hydrogen peroxide to cure infections caused by piercings.


How to Choose Earrings for Sensitive Pierced Ears

Choosing earrings for sensitive ears can be tricky. The label "hypoallergenic" does not mean earrings are allergy free. Here are some tips to help you find jewelry and a material that suits your sensitive skin.


Dermal Piercing: Procedure, Care, Scar Removal, and More

What is a dermal piercing? Learn about the types, procedure, care, scar removal, pictures, infection, and treatment. Dermal piercing is a permanent type of body piercing. It is also known as microdermal piercing.


Ear and Nose Cartilage Piercings: Pain and Care

If you are considering getting your cartilage pierced, learn about options like tragus or helix piercings. And if you just got it pierced and need some maintenance and healing tips, this is the article for you.


How to Care for a New Piercing

How do you take care of a new piercing? Learn what to do if a piercing gets infected, how to avoid infection, and how to ensure a problem-free healing process.


Septum Piercing Aftercare (How to Clean Your Piercing)

Advice on how to take care of a new septum piercing, with detailed aftercare and cleaning instructions and a list of things to avoid while healing.


The Dos and Don'ts of Taking Care of New Ear Piercings

Here's everything you need to know about how to care for new ear piercings. Your beautiful earrings are in, but now what? Minimize the risk of infection and scarring with these tips. Keeping the piercing clean doesn't have to be difficult!


What to Do If the Skin Around Your Piercing Turns Gray or Black

Is there a dark dot of gray skin around your piercing? This is known as "argyria." Learn what causes it and what you can do to fix it.


What to Avoid After a New Piercing

Just a quick guide of five things that you shouldn't do when you get a new piercing that the piercer themselves might not tell you.


5 Common Piercing Mistakes

Should you move your piercing when cleaning? Should you turn new piercings? Read on to learn about the common mistakes people make when getting their bodies pierced.


5 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Piercing

Get the answers to the five most common questions asked about piercing and find out if it will hurt, how long it will take to heal, what the risks are, and more.


Nose Piercing Healing Issues

This article offers information on healing and aftercare once you have had your nose pierced. Get advice on jewelry issues, keloids or bumps, changing jewelry, and more.


Piercing Needle vs. Piercing Gun: Which Is Safer?

Which is safer: a piercing gun or piercing needles? Learn the pros and cons of each method so you can make the best, smartest decision for yourself.

Standard tongue piercing

What to Do When Something Goes Wrong With A New Piercing

Got a new piercing, and worried that something may not quite be right? Here's some advice on how to prevent and manage issues that may arise with a new piercing. Be prepared for the worst!