Attempting to Remove a Tattoo at Home

Updated on March 13, 2020
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I hated both of my arm tattoos. I tried several home solutions to remove them before doing laser. I'm sharing my experience and my results.

Here's a look at the before and after process.
Here's a look at the before and after process.

Why I Snapped and Tried to Remove My Own Tattoo

Call me crazy, but I'll do just about anything when I'm desperate enough. Recently, I had a new tattoo done that didn't quite turn out as expected. I wanted a nice, flowy, feminine, light tree on my upper right arm. Mostly because there were scars there that I did NOT want to look at any longer! Long, white, raised scars that I've had since I was a teenager, but that's a whole other story I do not wish to go into!

I love trees and figured putting a nice tree there to hide/cover the scars would be a great idea. But, I ended up with a massive, dark, threatening tree that was 10 times bigger than I wanted. It didn't have the shape or look to it that I wanted; it was a lot bolder than I wanted, and well, I just wasn't happy with it. The tattoo guy knows how to do amazing trees and he did a fantastic job, it just wasn't what I wanted.

Like I said, it was way bigger than I wanted it and we ran into a problem: I had an old barbed wire tattoo going all the way around my arm, and right in the middle of the tree he was doing. He decided to cover over part of it. This is when I started to panic. I knew for sure I'd be unhappy, because the tree would be new and fresh and sparkling. But under it and through the middle, there would be a faded, ugly, old barbed wire tattoo, which would also come out both sides of the tree and all around the rest of my arm.

I went home, looked at my arm, and have been in shock ever since. My arm just looks like it exploded. There is WAY too much going on. Yes, he covered the scars, which I'm SO thankful for. But I wanted my simple, flowy, feminine tree, and I didn't even come close to getting it. Then we have the ugly faded barbed wire coming out from each side of the tree. Not to mention the darker areas in the middle of the tree, since he had to cover the barbed wire. That area looks like a mess. But the tree is nice everywhere else. Again though, not for me.

Now What Do I Do?

So I have this really cool tree on my arm that was done really well, with nice shading, but nothing like how I wanted the tree to look. There's too much going on for my liking, and there's still old scars showing. I wanted something simple, because I knew this would happen if the tattoo turned out too bold or too "much." I'd lose it! And I guess I did.

I had to cover all my options, and being a single stay at home mom of two with no job doesn't make getting laser surgery easy. Plus, I'd risk the possibility of more scars doing laser. I didn't have any intentions of removing the tree right away, but just fading it. I wanted to remove the barbed wire most of all. I figured if that was gone, the arm wouldn't look so "busy." I do plan on seeing my tattoo guy again and seeing if there is anything he can do, but only after my little experiments are done. If I see him now, he'd just cover up the entire rest of my arm with something to cover the barbed wire with, and I just don't want that.

All I know is that anything performed in a doctor's office will cost WAY more than what I can afford, and I may be able to find my own methods here at homeā€”for a lot cheaper. I am going to try a lot of the home remedies found on the Internet to fade, or remove completely, my barbed wire.

The Tree the Day I Got It Done

You can see how he had to go darker in the middle where the barbed wire was. I wanted the whole tree to be light and airy. You can also see the barbed wire ruining the look of the new tree tat. There are still some scars showing as well.
You can see how he had to go darker in the middle where the barbed wire was. I wanted the whole tree to be light and airy. You can also see the barbed wire ruining the look of the new tree tat. There are still some scars showing as well.

I Got a Tad Obsessed

I couldn't stop looking in the mirror. I obsessed about this arm of mine every second of the day. I didn't want to show anyone the new tat. I wanted to hide my arm completely. This isn't my first tattoo, it's my, umm, 15th maybe. So getting a tattoo is nothing new to me.

All I know is that if I'm comfortable with it, there will be no obsessing, no constant looking in the mirror, no constant thoughts of: "OMG!! HOW DO I FIX THIS!" If I am comfortable with a tattoo, it's smooth sailing, and I'll barely even think of it. But in this case, it's ALL I think about. And my entire thought patterns for a week have been: "I need to fix this, and I'll do anything I can to do so."

I need to like this tree. And I am almost sure I can like it if I can make changes. I need to clean up the rest of my arm, and fade the tree as much as I can, so it's not so bold. I am thinking of adding color to maybe lighten it up or add more femininity to it. But my main problem is the shape of the tree. And I'm not sure what my tat guy will be able to do with that, unless I can really fade it a lot.

So, fading is my main goal on both tattoos.

What Did I Decide to Do?

Please see Part 2 for my at-home remedies for attempting to remove my barbed wire tat, and for fading the tree. I will put up with pain, but in small doses. Plus, this is the first time I've ever attempted to fade/remove one of my own tattoos, and I do not want to injure myself to the extent that I need to rush to the ER!

Scars are a big issue as well. This whole process started because I wanted to cover old scars. I do not want to make new, highly visible scars.

This could be a lengthy process that I might not even continue with. I may just rush back to my tattoo guy to have him figure something else out. But I would like to try most of my options before I spend a lot more money on more tattoo cover-ups that I might regret as well. You will have to keep an eye on my articles, and check back every few weeks to see the progress.

For the follow-up to this process, check out my article My Experience Lightening and Removing My Tattoo at Home.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


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