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Aloha! My name is Krisy and I write stuff.  As a secondary English teacher, reading and writing consumes my life.  I spend most of my days ambushing bad grammar and poor spelling, yet I'd like to think of myself as more of a "word promoter" than a red pen junkie.  

I am an avid tattoo collector who appreciates the value of art in its many forms; verbal and visual.  Enchanted by the beauty of nature, I enjoy studying creatures of all species.  

You may also catch me on the beach collecting hermit crabs, going "all in" on pocket Kings, playing video games, or sipping margaritas at a weekend barbecue with friends.  I love sugar- mostly in the form of cakes, pies, PEZ, and things covered in rainbow sprinkles- yet right now I'm craving a green chile & gorgonzola burger...made by dad, of course =(^-^)=

My husband and I reside on the Big Island of Hawaii with our two dogs, Ziggy and The Cisco Kid.  Ziggy is a sweet and spunky Yorkie whose fetching habits are beyond obsessive.  Cisco, our blue-brindle pitbull, loves swimming in the ocean and giving ear kisses.  Both dogs have a personal vendetta against mynah birds.