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Leese Wright

My name is Lisa, but I much prefer Leese (will be legally changing it at some point, I'm sure).

I'm a 24 year old full time university student, studying Music Industries Management and loving every second of it.

I love music and travelling, and a lot of my time and money is spent combining the two. I'm British, but have a crazy obsession with America (I belive I was born in the wrong country!) so I get over there as often as I can.

I've recently taken up a fitness program called Tae-Bo. I'm not really in it to lose weight, because I'm a healthy weight already, I just want to tone up a little bit and so far it's working wonders!

Body modification is another of my big interests. I have 10 piercings and 13 tattoos... and I plan on getting many, many more.

I spend way too much time on Twitter.