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A uniquest (OK, I made that one up!), who suffers from a rare form of OCD where I want to know about everything - except chemistry, that shiz is hard.

I'm fascinated with the wierd, crazy, unique and random thing called life -

Hope to pass you in it sometime...

A self proclaimed tattoo commentator and tattoo information writer, I rely on my personal experience and time working in a tattoo studio, as well as medical research when writing my infromation pieces on tattoos.

I live in Tasmania, which is the island at the bottome of Australia (Yes, we are also part of Australia!) It is the perfect place to explore in my camperan, with so much 'environment' packed into it.

Currently I am studying Law at University, which is really interesting and am also finishing off a Diploma of Marketing.

The most awesomest thing in my life (besides my family, and my chinese crested dog Jinkx) is my job. I work at The Tip Shop - I get to play with all sorts of cool, old stuff and find the most amazing things that have been thrown away.

My favourit saying is: Karma - What goes around, comes around.