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Obsidian Drift


A glasslike volcanic compound, usually dark but transparent in thin pieces.


1. A driving movement of force, influence, impulse

2. To be carried along by currents of water, air or by the force of circumstances

3. to wander or stray

4. to deviate or vary from a set course or adjustment

Obsdian Drift is just like her name; a writer, artist, activist and inovative force to be reckoned with. Quiet of body but loud of mind and soul. She speaks for those who do not have a voice and seeks to educate and ilumate that which is misunderstood. She is a being of dualities; both accepting of darkness and light, calm and chaos, creation and destruction; ice and fire. She is of many ancestries and believes in all things magickal and spiritual. Nothing is as it seems, and possibilities are endless.